Healthcare Innovation News
Healthcare Innovation News  
In the September Second Edition
  • Digitalizing Health Records, Patient Chart Data by Scott Finfer
  • Industry News regarding Health Care Service Corporation
  • Thought Leaders' Corner: Why Is Innovation in Healthcare so Difficult?
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  Each semi-monthly four-page issue includes multiple features on a rotating basis, including in-depth articles submitted by national experts, case studies, thought leader panel responses to key current issues, profiles of leaders in healthcare innovation, news capsules and more. Subscribers also receive access to the exclusive subscriber only web site with archives of all past issues, supplemental content and more, as well as optional participation in the LinkedIn Healthcare Innovation News Group facilitating networking and interaction with others in the stakeholder community.  
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  Healthcare Innovation News is now available from Health Policy Publishing, the leading source of health care business and policy publications including Accountable Care News, Health Insurance Marketplace News, Medical Home News, Population Health News, Predictive Modeling News and Readmissions News.  
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  Every month, readers of Healthcare Innovation News will be able to:
  • Get valuable business intelligence, networking and contact information regarding issues related innovation and transformation of the delivery of healthcare
  • Monitor current technology, organizational, clinical, quality, analytics, legal, regulatory, policy, operational, and financial aspects regarding healthcare innovation initiatives
  • Build a knowledge base and accumulate key insights with detailed information available in feature articles and interviews with industry experts
  • Keep pace with developments, business opportunities and challenges arising from healthcare innovation initiatives
  • Navigate the changing landscape and stakeholder implications for health systems, hospitals, provider networks, medical groups, health plans, pharmaceutical organizations, consumers, employers, regulators and vendors
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Healthcare Innovation News will benefit stakeholders including C-Suite Executives; Innovation, Transformation and Integration Executives and Staff; Legal, Regulatory and Policy Executives and Staff; Planning and Strategy Executives and Staff; Healthcare Reform Executives, Medical Directors; Information Technology Executives and Staff; Analytics and Informatics Executives and Staff; Business and Clinical Intelligence Executives and Staff, Product Development Executives and Staff, Provider Network Executives and Staff; Pharmaceutical Executives and Staff, Operations Executives and Staff; Health Benefit Managers; Sales, Marketing & Business Development Executives and Staff;  and other interested parties.
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  Subscribers would typically represent organizations including: Health Systems; Hospitals; Provider Networks; Medical Groups; Health Plans; PBMs; Pharmaceutical Organizations; Care Management Organizations; Employers; TPAs; Solutions Providers; Government; Associations; Institutes; Research Organizations; and other interested organizations.   
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  Healthcare Innovation News   Healthcare Innovation News
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